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You notice when a smell is wrong. But what about when it is right?

We design solutions that show how our sense of smell can be used to consciously enhance our internal wellbeing and our external environment

What + Why?

Dei Sensi's mission is to expand our appreciation, understanding and use of scent. Pioneering new techniques and restoring old. Because in a time of online living and disconnect it's essential to recognise the potential of what we already have. 


Our sense of smell influences 75% of our daily emotions, and as a result influences how also we perceive and interact with the world around us. Scents communicate feelings, drive behaviour, store memories and fabricate identities of places. But little of this is done consciously (yet).

Our work at Dei Sensi, is to fully engage this power of scent through carefully curated scent-based tools for richer experiences all round. 

Introducing ‘the olfactory element’ to a space, idea or classroom.

Services include; /olfactory spatial design / exhibition consultancy / Educational Workshops + Events / and more. 

Our Services

Olfactory Spatial Design is the invisible architecture within any space. Scents that are specifically created can enhance the purpose of the space whilst enriching its unique indentity. We create environmental scents that complement the functional intention, materials already present and style. 


Dei Sensi was founded by Anna Gilchrist, whose work to date has primarily focused on the impact of scent on emotional states, behaviour and well being. Her interest lies in exploring and expanding the furthest reaches of olfactory potential, what we already know and what’s to come. 

Collaborating with experts in order to bring your ideas to life. 


Based in Venice and London.

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